What happens if I change my address, or bank or building society details?

Keeping in touch with you is vital to ensure you are provided with the most up to date information about your pension. 

Whether you are an active, deferred or pensioner member, my pension online can help you manage your pension benefits and change your personal details.  

With PensionPoint you can: 

  • Update your contact details and make sure you never lose track of your pension 
  • Make or change a nomination for your death grant 
  • Check the information we hold about you 
  • Receive your pension benefit statements as soon as they are ready 
  • Plan for your retirement by running your own pension benefit estimates 
  • Get an idea of how much your loved ones could receive when you die 
  • Access your payslips once your pension is in payment 
  • Send information to us securely and safely 
  • Check and update your bank details(pensioners only) 

If you do not wish to sign up for PensionPoint then you can contact us via our member contact us form  

What happens if I move overseas?

No matter where you are in the world, we will ensure that your pension payments are made to you through your chosen bank account. Just be aware there may be a slight delay, if you live abroad (typically only a couple of days). 

If you opt to spend time both in the UK and abroad, you must choose which country you want your pension to be paid in.  

Managing your state pension, taxes and benefits  

State Pension 

Your State pension works in a similar way. If you have paid enough UK National Insurance contributions to qualify, your pension will be paid to you either into your UK bank account or the country you’re living in – State Pension if you retire abroad – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) 

Taxes and Benefits 

Taxes and benefits sometimes differ from country to country, but you may still be able to claim UK benefits.   

Remember, for tax purposes, you will need to tell HMRC that you’re moving or retiring abroad to make sure you pay the correct amount of tax. Visit Moving or retiring abroad – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) for more information.   

How will my divorce impact my pension?

You may wish to get legal advice from your solicitor on how to deal with your LGPS benefits during any divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. 

You and your partner will need to consider how to treat your pension rights as part of any divorce/dissolution settlement.  

 If you get divorced or your civil partnership is dissolved: 

  • Your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner will cease to be entitled to a spouse’s or civil partner’s pension should you die before them. 
  • Any children’s pension paid to an eligible child in the event of your death will not be affected by your divorce or dissolution. 
  • If you have said post-divorce that you would like your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner to receive any lump sum death grant payable on your death by completing and returning an expression of wish form, this will remain in place unless you change it. If your wishes change, please complete a new form. You can update your details on the member self-service portal. The Court may, however, issue an earmarking order stating that all or part of any lump sum death grant is payable to your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner. 

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